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John Alexander

John Alexander
John Alexander - June 6, 1945 to December 25, 2003

Under his username of ‘Lakecounty’, John made only 74 posts here at KickAS. Since he was such a very big part of my KickAS experience that seems far too few, and I’m sure it does to anyone wise enough or fortunate enough to realize what a gem he was.

I know from John’s KickAS profile that he was a mechanic and married at least 35 years to the best girl in the world. My own dad is a mechanic and I value my wife with the same fervor; maybe that's why I found a kindred soul in this man I never would have met were it not for KickAS.

I regret the fact that interpersonal connections over the Internet only open such a small window into the lives of others; in an ideal world I would have loved to have had John as a neighbor. Apart from on our KickAS forums and in the chat room (where he was always Lakecounty or a friendly cup of coffee to me) there is far too little that I got to know about John and his life. In some ways it makes me feel unworthy of saying much about the man I met here, the man I hope would want me to call friend.

I spent very many hours with him in our KickAS chat room for the sleepless year and a half I spent during my daughters' new lives. John was a treasure all of those long nights. He was thoughtful, humorous and always genuinely concerned. Indeed he was so interested in my family and me that I found myself most disappointed when I couldn't find LC and his coffee cup in the chat room. He would share with me anecdotes of his grandchildren and stories of his family always in the most unassuming manner and always with some kind of punch line. He made me comfortable in my own very anxious early fatherhood. I am so thankful to him for that.

The times in which we live frequently appear to be dominated by selfish thoughtless people. John was my reminder of how good and how selfless folks can be. At 2 a.m. a new dad with my penchant for rambling can go on a bit more than most folks can bear, but John was never anything other than supportive and humorous.

When his cancer struck it became more obvious how noble a man John was. I know I complained more about my AS than John ever complained of his battle with cancer. He might offer a word or two about his tiredness from treatment or that he wished he could get over the fatigue, but then he would move on, even if you pressed him about his health. I have been complemented here at KickAS for being upbeat, but John was surely upbeat’s personification.

The irony of KickAS is that while it brings people together from around the world, most of these people never have a chance to get together in person. I'd give just about anything for a cup of coffee (or something stronger!) and a face-to-face sit down chat with John Alexander.

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Dear friend, maybe one day we can have such a drink. My choice would be to have it with a golf view and lots of kids running about, and just you and me shooting the breeze about nothing in particular.

I miss you and although it was all too brief, I’m truly glad I met you.

Goodbye John.