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Linda Hartle (marabella)

Linda Hartle (marabella)

Linda Hartle 19th November 1947 - 8th July 2003

To the family and friends of Linda Hartle:

After stumbling upon about two years ago I first met Linda online. It was a time of confusion with a new diagnosis and health concerns for me. Linda was one of the first to welcome me and quickly we found that we shared a common interest in healing.

From that point on I felt as if a part of me that was lost had been found, almost as if she was the sister I had longed for all of my life. I could share with her and never feel apprehensive. She opened her heart to me during the darkest moments in my life. Every time I would log on to the KickAS forums and see a envelope flashing I already knew it was Linda that had sent me a message. Linda always made me smile. She liked to use the grumpy face icon, and that would always make me chuckle no matter what kind of mood I was in. Linda had a way of making everyone feel special. Her love was unconditional. She was very proud of her son Craig and we enjoyed sharing many stories of family outingings. She enjoyed listening to Celtic music and, of course, cats!

When she first mentioned that she was feeling tired and not herself I was worried. You see Linda was always reaching out to others and she had never complained when she was tired before. In fact she was apologizing for complaining despite it being normal for us all to feel sick from AS. When she let me know the news about the cancer it felt as if my heart had shattered. Immediately I knew one of the first places I wanted to travel to next year was Erie, PA to meet this special lady. I wanted to reach out and hug her over and over again. Even during her sickest days she was still thinking of others. She put on a brave face and many times when I wanted to speak to her, she would tell me she was going to call me instead on her cell phone free time. I didn't get to speak to her and I only think that it was because she knew how serious things were and was trying to spare me some pain!

I only knew her for two years but Bill, Craig and her wider family were blessed to have her for so much longer. I still can't help but want to see Linda's username when I log in. She was my comfort, my friend, and felt like my sister from another life. Without doubt she was one of the most beautiful people I have crossed paths with. What hurt most of all was the process of letting Linda go, but that is balanced by the comfort of saying goodnight to her every single night in my prayers. I believe that Heaven has a big reception and that she can still hear me. I picture her swaying to the Celtic music and smiling down on her loved ones.

Lots of love to the Hartle family.
Angie Santos