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Fairy Sue: her story
Fairy Sue

I have so much to say about my life and AS, so much to tell you all about the journey it has taken me on. I feel the time is right for me to share with you the ups and downs of my life with AS and how I have dealt with the good and bad times.

My unexplained pain began when I was in my teens, the love of playing squash was always ruined by severe "sciatica" pain that stopped me right in my tracks every time. The hip pains were so bad that it was like they had "clicked" out of the joints and I would spend the next few weeks hobbling and seeing the doctor for them to tell me nothing much at all. I would be sent to the Chiropractor to have adjustments which seemed to make the matter worse and that was very frustrating.

During those years, the hips were my main concern, I didn't get a lot of other joint related problems so didn't really suspect anything like AS.

There is a strong line of immune related problems throughout my family, my mother was diagnosed with Lupus at the age of 40, she suffered with many joint pains and lupus related symptoms. Sadly, after a long battle with the Lupus, mum had developed Non-Hodgkins Lymphoma and died at the young age of 54.She was a beautiful lady with the kindest heart and I miss her so much. Her death was very traumatic as we were very close.

As mum was battling against all odds it occurred to me that my symptoms, which had increased and had actually gone on to pains in many of my joints, mainly the hands, feet, rib area and majoring in the hips....were so alike to the ones mum had encountered with Lupus and that scared me very much.

It was then that I questioned my newly appointed family doctor and he suspected an auto-immune problem instantly. That was when he did the blood test that confirmed A.S. He said that my symptoms were so very typical of this disease and he was dumbfounded that it had not been detected much earlier. Yeh, well so was I and isn't that a familiar story! So, now I knew what I had, seems that I had inherited in my genes the right ingredients for some major problems with my health. I have also been diagnosed with Rheumatoid Arthritis so I guess at least all the terrible joint pains are all accounted for.

I have had many ups and down throughout the time I have had AS, I am a firm believer in the natural approach to supplementing the body to support and counteract any of the side effects from the medication we are given to dampen the Auto-Immune response. I have had some bad times where the pain has been too much to take and have gone onto what has been needed but usually for only a short time, I am very scared of the side effects of these drugs as I watched my mum battle with her life, the cancer was a direct result of the medication they gave her to cope with the Lupus.

She used to say that every medication has a trade off...

I do battle with the pain but I am also very grateful for my life, that there are many things I can do to dampen the symptoms of AS and RA. The natural supplements help me a lot and when the pain is too much, the medication takes away the inflammation. I try to be good and exercise, it helps immensely and I try to get away from Starch as much as I can.

This forum has been my savior and I am forever grateful for the support and encouragement I have received over the past year or so since its discovery. I hold my friends very close to my heart and its so comforting to know that when I fall, you are all there to pick me up again and give me the strength to carry on. Bless you all for being there....

From the heart.....Fairy Sue.

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