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Captain Jack
Jack Bechtol

Well this is how I got so bad, I think. When I got hurt in 1988 I went to a family doctor he sent me to a bone doctor and told me that I had teize syndrome what ever that was!!!! It took almost 7yrs to get a real diagnosis ....

I have been on hundreds of different meds over the years been manipulated cracked and misdiagnosed several times and was told once that I had fiberstitis by a bone doctor, his field. Finally an ER doctor looked at my xrays and did blood work and the tests came back positive and were conclusive that I had AS. One doctor had me do an MRI and they missed. It took my work, took my ability to look ahead, use a wheelchair some times, I can't walk the pain is so severe. I take vicoden, valium, and ketaprophene. Also being treating for depression, take Prozac for that ...only wish that some one would have told me sooner that it could have been avoided some ....

Now I have rounded shoulders can't turn my head, very limited movement of my arms. but mine started in my neck so it was not easy to find. I only tell you this so you can do the exercises that will keep you for becoming like me no one told me about any. Wish they had .... now I'm getting worse and not moving much.

Doctor has sent me to a pain center. What a joke they filled me with ricodone, oxycodiene, and synthetic morphine. No quality of life in those drugs for me, I need back, hip, and knee surgery all done but that could cripple me so I press on

I was a navy seal we never give up !!!!

I have a wonderful wife and three great kids so I fight to move every day, I sleep in a recliner at night. If it wasn't for my wife pushing me along I would be worse than I am. I hope that those who read this letter get something from it, don't not let AS stop you like it did me.....take heed and do what you can to stay mobile don't get like me, I was never told ....

If you are worse than me in sorry. If you are not as far stay active, retiring at 30 yrs old and drawing s.s.d.i. is not the way I intended for my life to go but that is how it is for me and we deal with it. Hopefully some one will read this and not let it happen to them .......

I'm not giving up just excepting that there is no cure yet, but I know there are information sites for us, and support.

Thank You,

Jack Bechtol

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