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Lewis's Story
Lewis Budd

My name is Lewis and I am suffering with aches and pains in my neck, my lower back and the tops of feet and hands. I have been in agony for the past 5 years and thought nothing of it until 5 weeks ago then the pains got worse. This has stopped me from participating in physical activities such as golf and Football.

This made me worry as my Dad was diagnosed with AS about a year ago. He lives away from me and I see him often but I live with my mum and she does not understand or really does not want to know about what I have and have been going through. My Dad and his wife understands and we took the steps to get me checked out. 

The pain gets so bad in my neck and lower back, and over the counter drugs do nothing to help. The pain is generally worst for me when I am sitting or resting in the same position for some time. My Dad hopes I have not got it but in his heart I am sure he knows I have or some form of it. My mum thinks it is part of growing up and as I am with her nearly all the time I have not had any help or understanding, until recently

I went to my local Doctor, I told him about my Dad. He suggested I should have X-rays and blood tests. I have had the X-rays and will have the blood tests within the next few days. I might not even have AS but in my mind I have considering I have got the main symptoms of the disease.

My Dad copied stories from your site and reading them made me feel better, especially cases in my age group, as I now feel that I am not alone in the world. I have enough to worry about at this age as it is without this painful THING I have got!

I would like to hear from anybody and ideally some one about the same age as me (16) That has been through same ordeal as me and any suggestions they may have which has helped them cope with this awful thing we have! It would make me feel better to know that I am not alone and especially being so young, it makes me feel scared not knowing what to expect.

I would also like to help others by sharing my thoughts and feelings with you. Hopefully make you feel better too.

Lewis Budd

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