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Salina Cotton
Salina Cotton

Hello Everyone!

Here I was thinking "oh no another bad day" and I decided to go on my computer, boy am I glad I did, I discovered this site!

I have been a sufferer of AS since 1996, when I was 15. I am now 19 and my life has virtually stopped. I have just spent another 3 weeks in hospital for therapy and I am so sick of myself, I've been suicidal and take antidepressants, I also had a bit of a problem with Panadeine forte which I took 18 to 20 a day.

I then started Morphine which i was weaned off in hospital, also I used Endone, none of this really did any good.

Let me tell you how i came to end up with this dreadful thing,

When I was in year 10 I was doing a self defense course and the teacher pushed me and I fell the wrong way, ending up with two stress fractures in my lower back. The doctors say I carried the genes for AS but it would have laid dormant if it didn't have that stress, I now have my stress fractures, AS, canal stanosas, Osteoarthritis , a ruptured disc and 3 degenerated discs. I'm in constant pain, and I'm too scared to do anything in case it makes my pain worse, I've seen 3 surgeons who want me to have an operation but I don't want to , not yet anyway

At least now I will have someone to confide in, that's the hardest, having no one who understands to talk to, please everyone feel free to email me!!


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