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Re: What's news since Alan Ebringer 2013 ? DragonSlayer 05/21/24 06:22 PM
Hello, mosconi411

Regret I am no longer in direct contact with Professor Ebringer; I learn about his situation from his son, Lawrence. Certainly, Ebringer would not like to issue an opinion on something that he did not study and there is no scientific data relating to raw sheep's milk. I can extrapolate from my own reading that this might be superior to regular pasteurized milk for many reasons, a couple to wit--enzymes related to digestion, and lower level of lactose that encourages less bacterial growth.

Many years ago, I had a friend with Crohn's and I always knew that it must have been closely related to AS: We had identical symptoms just a few months apart! Regret she was a smoker which had by then been shown to have a strong connection; only many years later I pieced together the reason for this.

Studying Klebsiella, it came to my attention that, when in colonies, the group produces a coating called a muccopolysaccharide, which acts as a glue and helps camouflage the group by collecting cellular waste bits. HOWEVER, it becomes obvious (to me) that this "glue" could account for the strictures so often encountered in Crohn's. This is another reason I advocate liberal use of ExtraVirginOO, reinforced by the work of Dr. Stephen Gundry.

We each have some level of dysbiosis due to AS and the modern diet and certainly SIBO which was the primary engine behind my AS, and I think that the primary reason I can no longer trigger symptoms of AS is because I eliminated SIBO; Small Intestine Bacterial Overgrowth using my own antibiotic protocol, described in my link within my signature.

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Re: AS Patient from Hyderabad. Need dietary tips 604 05/20/24 07:37 AM
To be quick and efficient, read this book: put its recommendations into practice and if your body reacts like mine, you will see great pain relief. A cordial greeting.
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Re: Dietician 604 05/20/24 07:30 AM
Thank you very much for sharing this valuable information. Seeing that David Peralmutter y M. Hyman They recommended this book, I didn't hesitate and bought it. It's been 15 days since I finished reading and the same days I have been following the recommendations advised by the author of the book approximately 90%, and the result in just one week is beginning to be very positive. When I started the starch-free diet, focusing on animal fats and proteins, I had great improvement, but I still suffered great pain. Now by eating less fats and animal proteins, replacing these foods with large amounts of non-starchy vegetables, taking antibacterial herbs in the morning, probiotics at night and various supplements, I am recovering my lost health. I hope to continue this path and find new goals for better health, which I need. Nothing more than to thank you for having shared the information and encouragement to everyone who reads the book and putting into practice this nutritional method that is putting me on the right path.
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Re: Carol Sinclair Dotyisle 05/18/24 08:42 PM
I met Carol in Las Vegas at Kickas AS convention probably about 2002-2003... she signed my book for me.

Unsure how she is doing now.
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Slippery elm poweder and Klebsiella mosconi411 05/13/24 06:24 PM
Hello Everyone,

New here.I have Crohn's Disease ,was four months ago due to a stricture at the end of small bowell.Prior to my operation i lived of only raw sheep milk because nothing could pass thru such a narrow intestine.Raw sheep milk saved my life.
From my research i like most dr.Ebringer theory.I wanted to ask does anyone know if Slippery elm and raw sheep milk feed Klebsiella?I am nothing eating any other starches,so far feeling good but i am worried of a possible stricture reccurence.

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NSD and diet-related; Jump to new posts
Re: Total remission of my AS on the Carnivore Diet. Spiderpidge 05/06/24 10:45 AM

I have been carnivore or animal products only for the last 7 months. I eat read meat daily, beef, lamb, pork along with fish, molluscs etc... my inflammation levels have dropped dramatically since starting this diet. There is way more to it than a single molecule that raises inflammation and personally I believe the (cancer/inflammation) risks associated with red meat are unfounded. I believe that most, if not all, of the studied are not based on strict red meat eating and a vast majority of the carcinogens/inflammation causing molecules come from eating seed oils, plants with pesticides, natural plant toxins, refined sugar, refined starch.

We have been eating cooked red meat for millions of years. It is only since the introduction of agriculture 10k years ago that we have been eating many plants, grains and seed oils, and getting sicker. Humans in their evolution lost the ability to be able to break down cellulose, plant fibres. This would normally happen in the Cecum and if you look at primates they still have a large Cecum. Humans have lost the Cecum during evolution because we didn't use it, we are apex predators, we are designed to eat predominantly meat and fat.

Do you ever see cave paintings of humans eating plants? No they are hunting with spears. We evolved to throw projectiles with immense accuracy and speed, our shoulder joint shows this as it is vastly different to any other mammals shoulder joint.

Anyway this is my theory and it makes way more sense than anything the dieticians/food industry/pharmaceutical tell us.
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