I have noticed that some of the drugs used in osteoporosis have been shown to help in sufferers of AS. Not only that but people with AS have a high risk of developing Osteoporosis. So perhaps there is a disease relationship?

Drugs such as Pamidronate and Phosphocitrate (and other pyrophoaphates) are known to be helpful..

Angela says her pain has receded greatly ("morning stiffness has decreased to almost nothing"). She started a thread on the Osteoporosis drug Pamidronate here:

"Phosphocitrate (PC) is a pyrophosphate analog and is known to delay progression of ankylosis in MPA" ... "phospocitrate, or an analog, could be useful in humans to delay the progression of ankylosis of entheses in ankylosing spondylitis (A.S.)"

So I believe it is worth looking into other osteoporosis treatments and advances, as these may have huge benefits for us too.

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