Nice question, it is something I wonder about many times too when I read the posts here.
Mine is from an old plan I made with friends to make a website where everyone could leave best wishes for someone else or even light a virtual candle. The site is called which can be translated to, a place or fountain where you throw a coin in and do a wish (it should be possible too to make an optional contribution to the makers, as such it was also a bit of a joke about the internet where in those days people got rich by selling nothing) The url for the site still exist but it is linked to another site, a strange site of a friend of mine about making pudding, about Sauternes wine and other things. Anyway I still have an email adress at which is but of course I do in the first place also wish everybody well.

"Walk gently, breathe peacefully, laugh hysterically." -Nelson Mandela-