Wow Pete! I forgot about that picture. Those turn outs I had on were about 5 sizes too big for me.

As for you CHRIS, that was a controlled burn so the house was supposed to be burning down! The picture of myself was taken because everyone thought I looked so funny in those huge turn-outs. Let me tell you, my buns were on fire! That was one hot blaze. There were actually 2 more structures over to the left of me that were burning down also. That was one HOT day in July!

Thanks for the memory Pete and Gladstones definitely! I'll be in your area next week. I'll call you and come visit.

By the way Pete..or should I say GRANDPA? CONGRATULATIONS!! I was hoping you would mention the birth of your new grandaughter Willow. I was getting ready to if you didn't soon! Any pictures of her yet? there is a nickname for her! Sounds like a sandwich from McD's!


Don't ever let anyone tell you what you can't do!
~Cheryl~ AS Kicker Extraordinaire