Unlike the poet Robert Frost it is not the path chosen that has made all the difference but those not chosen.

Sure Stevec seems like an obvious choice when your name is Steve Crowe. It says who you are distinguishes you from any Steve on the board before you and is direct and straightforward as a soul ought to be.

However when you look at the candidates denied you relaize it was no simple choice.

OH Exalted Bent one- semi demonic and taking great pride in my gnarled form a first runner up

Crooked lawyer- an obvious winning choice as an old thread evidenced but not creative enough

I'm with Bruno- for obvious reasons

Triplicate smiplicate just hand me a clean diaper- a bit long

Used hips for sale - almost sound like a topless bar

I shot the DOc but I did not shoot the Deputy couldn't carry the tune

snap-crackle -pop - all too true but the cereal folks and those little elven creatures are tough bargainers on the rights

So AS goes - too eclectic a bit fatalisitc and really not big enough a Vonnegut fan to let it ride

IAIMH it all in my head, its all in your head, its really got very little to do with my head since the first pains were centralized in my butt

Inanna - Never heard the myth before her explanation but if I had and were of the appropriate gender I would have wrestled for that one for sure because that was a wonderful post and explanation and why I love Cristina questions

stevec-they also serve who stand and wait

L-R: Julianna, Jamie, Diane and Tonimarie

stevec-they also serve who stand and wait