I remember your name formation well and it was hilarious! It was the best thing we had going on the board for a long time. I am glad it stuck and you still have it!


I must make a correction in your reply. Tim Crotty, who coined the term "KickAS", is from Erie, PA. Not New York. I haven't seen him here in a long time but I know he goes by the user name "tjc." And yes, you are correct, he is part of the "flame" family and is/was Chief of HazMat.

Before I found ASWeb, Tim and I found each other and talked about AS alot. I'll never forget the day he said that we should create a magazine and call it Kickin'AS. When I came to the board I mentioned this conversation and yes, that is how the word KickAS came to be. Thank you Timothy J. Crotty for coming up with that 8 years ago. Look what that word has awesome website!