Okay okay I know it took me long enough to respond to this one but here goes. My nick name comes from when I was in the Army. My last name being Johnston, my buddies just shortened it to Johnny. This is where the story takes a bad twist. We were doing some training, getting ready for National Training Center (NTC), which is out in the middle of the desert. We had a few weeks before we went to NTC, so we were doing some desert training when one day we had some R & R (rest and receration). We had some choices go to the pool, gym, or some other type of fun. Well I decided to go to the pool with some of my buddies. At the pool there was this high dive. So after my buddies talked me into going off of it. I decided top go for it. As I was up on the high dive fearing for my life, with the kids behind me wanting to jump off. I took a deep breathe and went to jump, well when I jumped, I go a good first bounce, when I come back down I missed the board, When I hit the water it hurt something awful. It was like getting an enyma from a pool. Ouch the pain, and embarassment. So after that all of my buddies started calling me Jumping Johnny "King of the High Dive" The name stuck after that. That's my story I'm sticking to it.
See Ya,