I figured you were a U of M fan!! Living in Ann Arbor it is impossible not to be one. We used to live on Stadium Blvd, a stones throw away from the Stadium. We parked cars on our lawn for $20.00 a piece and the kids sold lemonade and averaged $75.00 a game. When we moved last year(still in Ann Arbor) the kids were sad about their loss in business but there was an unexpected perk to our move. We moved next door to the Assist. Head Coach of the U of M football team(Fred Jackson). His son is my son's age and they have played together every single day since we moved in last year. He also got to go to all their games, go on the field at the end of the game and go in the locker room at the end of the game. A dream come true for any 11 yr. old boy.By the end of the season the players all got to know my son and at the end of the games in the locker room they would high five him and say "great game Josh". Too good to be true. Since we moved to Ann Arbor 10 years ago, every fall our lives revolve around their home games!!!