Hi George,
I'm so happy to see you back at KA. I missed your great posts my friend. It is so special to meet people at kickas. There are so many here that I want to meet in person.You , for sure are one of them George , and to see you here today brings me joy.
So far I have met Jeanna twice. Last thursday was the last we saw her. I posted a pic of her and myself in a thread last week. The title was (A Lovely Lady). I'm afraid it has slipped away unnoticed. Whatwith the huge power failer down east,it was really quiet here at KA. You might still be able to catch it somewhere down the line. It was 35c out there at The Forks so I do look somewhat weathered.The sun can do that ...eh.. I am younger then that....really
As usual we have renewed our hope to meet again. We did talk a bit of a Winnipeg party in the future. You once asked me NOT to make it in the winter. Don't wory. It will be summer when that day comes.
I most never am this long winded. It is just that when I saw you here, you made my day.

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