iaorana, Christina...

many, many, many years ago I was very depressed about the state of my world and hatched a plan to run
away to Samoa ( the heartland/sourcepoint of polynesia) like Robert Louis Stevenson. RLS had tb and very
poor health; he traveled the world looking for a good place to live out his days, found Samoa, became
embroiled in the local scene, and got healthier...he wrote some of his best stuff there.

well, it's almost impossible to get to samoa...but I found Tahiti - a dirty little third-world port city on an
island the size of Maui...but Tahiti is close to hundreds of little islands that are pieces of paradise.
No wife or kids to answer to...made nineteen trips to tahiti, on to the cook islands, new zealand and about
two dozen jaunts to Hawaii. I adopted polynesia as my alternate quantum universe, because this old hippie
really likes a place where you can wear flowers in your hair. Due to financial constraints, I haven't gone
home since 1995, but in my heart that's where i live.

for years I used " iaorana " which is the tahitian aloha...in the interest of accessability i figured alohaben
would work better for the internet.

btw...RLS died from a stroke while making cocktails before dinner...for anyone with a chronic disease,
that sounds to me like the right way to go.