hI Ian , Nice to meet ya ! I started in the fire business in 1973 . I have been a volunteer with Lawrence Park Fire Department for all those years . The "As" has had a role in how I responded because there sure have been times when going in, was not a option.
Right now I do a lot of driving the ladder and engine. I am still the Chief of the Erie County Hazardous Material Team. I do suit up for those occassions, its a lot slower moving and I can basically pick the call I get to suit up on , So if its 600 pound drums this old guy stays in command in the bus :)
I have worked a combination of emergency service jobs . I ran a emergency dispatch center for seven years . I now work for Erie County Emergency Management as a specialist in Hazardous Materials, so you could say I am a paid haz mat responder. I still like packing up and playing in fires but I have slowed down and let the kids play the first string. I think the age has as much to do with it as the "AS" . I dont require the "edge " as much as I used to :)
I guess I have held just about every position there is to hold in these departments . I really never cared about what rank I achieved , I just loved the game .
Peace and God Bless , Tim