I just love the stories behind these names. How wonderful they are.

For me: long ago when I had AOL (I think it was version 2), I had to select a screen name.

Since we live in the country and I can see the milky way any time (and it is magnificent without light pollution), I was going for Stargazer, however, it was taken (in all forms). So, I got to thinking of another way I could express my delight in the stars. I find that when I stare at them I feel like I can run from star to star, so instead of gazing at stars, I run thru them - hence starrnr.

I use that screen name for just about everything that isn't official (like work and my "real" email address). If I had to use my real name (first and last), I would never get any mail due to the vast number of double letters that I have and most people would spell my first or last name incorrectly and it's such a friggin bother!

Ah well, that's my story and well, I'm sticking to it.