My log in name, is also my nick name and has been for 16 years.
Quite alot of people call me 'Crippen' and not Bev now, my web site is named after my nick name and it links to the real life 'Crippen' who was 'Doctor Crippen' a murderer from England many years ago ( I think they arrested him in Canada though).
Why 'Crippen'.......
About 16 years ago I was a little 'un-inventive' or was I too busy having a great social life!!!! it's all a blur now. Anyway, I bought everyone I knew (as part of their gift)the same make box of chocalates for their Christmas. Only to find that they were all recalled, because they had been poisoned!!!!! Oops!!
I had visions of everyone I knew - all on the same hospital ward on Christmas day, I dont think there would have been much Ho,Ho,Ho! going on.
Anyway, I was forgiven, but nicked named 'Crippen' because I tried to kill everyone I knew. (I have been much more inventive ever since...guns, knives, blow darts!).
Told you I'm as mad as a bucket of frogs!
Hugs to all, Cripps.