I'm so glad this post has been posted. I'm a newbie to the list as well, and considered posting the same question. Some of the user names are quite self explanatory, whereas others, it would appear, have some very unique stories to tell.

I chose overcomer for 2 reasons. One is bourne out by my faith and trust in God in relation to overcoming adversity by His grace, with His help, and arriving on the other side of it victorious. The other, quite naturally, is my approach to the diagnosis of AS, such a dreadful disease. I will not be swallowed up by it although it may affect my body. My spirit will arise to meet the challenges and overcome the obstacles it may throw my way. (This is a good place for the Braveheart cheer )

I have actively fought against the symptoms of AS for 2 1/2 years now (although I've had symptoms for nearly 12 years-the first diagnosis being mild arthropathy).

Now this is the part where I get soft and mushy... My heart has been broken by the obvious pain that so many on this list have suffered, and some so young. It's my prayer for you all that you may experience the healing hand of God on your lives and bodies. I'm so glad I found this list, for this is a place where we can each share the load that the others bear. I've never met any of you, but I have a growing love and appreciation for each life represented here and want to help share your burdens too.

Peace to all, Sigrid