What a list! My eyes! My aching eyes!

Alrighty here goes...

Chelle is my name. LadyFierce is who I am.

I've always been a fan of medieval times and renaissance culture...the origin of the title "Lady". My grandmother blessed me with long lectures about the importance of "being a lady", ideals which I dutifully discarded throughout childhood only to embrace later.

"Fierce" took a little more soul searching...

From pagan studies, my birthday makes me a Leo, the Lion...Leos are ambitious, strong, passionate about their beliefs, creative, noble, and powerful.

Also, I'm a fire sign..."Like fire itself, fire signs are powerful and a force not to be reckoned with when out of control. Fire signs rarely let anything stand in their way. They can come across as being bossy, and often egotistical. If crossed the wrong way, fire signs can do irreparable damage and hurt one's feelings.

On the other hand, much like the name they represent, fire signs can cast beautiful light into otherwise dark and foreboding corners and situations. Fire signs are full of movement and vitality. Their energy is attractive and people are drawn to them."

My horoscope is never right, but the signs fit

(on a side note, during these studies, I discovered that my son, my daughter, myself, and my hubby make up earth, air, fire, and water...pure coincidence)

A dear friend once told me that I reminded her of a lioness...on first look calm, pensive, laid back...but inside strong, clever, always the protector. And if ever my family is threatened...Fierce. The word stuck in my head.

So to completely switch directions, and make a short story long...

As I was growing up, it was my mother who taught me the meaning of unconditional love. How to give courage when the storms come. How to always hold my head up in strength and Faith..Like a Lady.

My father, a career marine and policeman until the day he passed, taught me how to stand strong no matter what the battle. How to fight for what really matters, and never compromise myself or my values...To be Fierce.

So I guess like many people here, my name comes from my parents.