Ok, Ok, Ok,

I want to get in on this to...lol

OMG here alot of people are like it is my name, my kids couldn't say it and then here comes Kat with this big honkin story that is wonderful and blows the rest of us away...lol

My name Angelmom came from my AOL, or MSN screen name Our4Angels. My husband and I have 4 children which we consider to be gifts from God (all children are)

Basically my whole life has been dealing with children. I had my first child at 19. My husband use to be a youth director at our church and we developed long lasting friendships with alot of our kids.

I did in-home daycare for a total of 15 years where I kept 8 children all under the age of 5 and I did it very well...now, I couldn't do it...lots of times since then I have wondered how I did it...lol

I had a children's consignment shop named Our4Angels that catered strictly to children.

I have taught children's bible classes for years, tons of kids at our house in the summer.

We are weird parents. My 2 oldest girls didn't get to go out on dates we made them bring their boyfriends and their friends here and we partied...in a good way...lol We just felt like at 15, 16 or 17 boys and girls don't have much on their minds except their hormones, so we watched movies, played games, went out together and basically became friends with their friends. There are SO many kids out there today that aren't getting what they need at home, so we tried to provide some of that in our home.

Our 2 youngest are 7 & 11 so we will have to go thru it one more time...lol

Ok, ok the name Angel mom basically came from Our4Angels and the fact that thru the years I have had alot of people say Oh, how could you put up with that many kids or you are an Angel, I couldn't do it...lol

Thus the name Angelmom,


ps great question!!!!!