Hi Bilko,
Thanks very much for the list.

Given the fact that most of the us (patients) don't have doc support/monitoring/tests for any diets and patients(atleast I can't when in pain) can't judge/make decisions properly, would it be possible to get the following info :

* Number of servings / day for LSD.
* When is LSD recommended ? When is LSD not recommended ? The criterion for continuing/discontinuing LSD
* Based on Prof. Ebringer studies following statistics:
Percent people with significant clinical improvement in 1/2/3 months: aa
Percent people with some clinical improvement in 1/2/3 months: bb
Percent people with no/negative clinical improvement in 1/2/3 months: cc

Many more questions ....

Info approved/signed by Prof. Ebringer is very much appreciated/needed/required. This will minimize any individual bias.
Also corresponding info from docs that do not approve Prof. Ebringer studies are very useful.


(Explore and solve the challenging puzzle without any bias)