Thanks for adding this useful stuff to the "numbers" John.
I'll just add my tuppence about cabbage as i've come to regard it so highly - for myself.

On the other hand, cabbage, which they say contains only 0.1, does contain starch – is well known even for people without IBS/AS to be a cause of 'wind'.

This "wind" is common and some people don't like the smell either. However, the people who react to cabbage (in this manner) also seem to react to onions so i believe it is a reaction to inulin and/or FOS rather than starch - i choose "sugarloaf" and chinese/korean varieties with simpler carbohydrates and probably higher acidopholus population for eating raw or steamed/broiled on low heat only. It could be that hot cooking creates unwanted carbos too.
I'd be interested to know if the same people react to sauerkraut, although i know that many won't like the slight "ester" smell.


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