John and Bill,
Thanks for the info. I am bit confused because I believe I have read that Klebsiella eat starch and if they can't, they eat disaccharides, such as sucrose and lactose.

At the same time I have read in the Ebringer and Wilson paper on this site that:

"It would appear that dietary mono- and disaccharides can be readily absorbed in the stomach and upper part of the small bowel and therefore they are not available as substrates for bacterial fermentation in the colon. The carbohydrates detected in the "ileostomy fluids" would appear to be derived from complex carbohydrates. These observations could form the basis of a "low starch" diet for AS patients."

I don't know if I have fully understood everything I have read, but does this mean that sugar and milk are okay? Are the problems that people have them individualistic, or if the evil bacteria does eat the sugars, does it just react in a different manner than when it eats the starches?

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