the klebs will ferment any food which passes from the small intestine to the colon undigested, so any undigested food would be a problem, including lactose to those that are intolerant. Starches are a problem for us all because a significant amount is always undigested, and the starches in raw wheatflower and potato are totally indigestible. They only became a possible food source after our forebears played with fire and took up cordon bleu cookery.

This we prescribe though no physician . . .
Our doctors say this is no month to bleed. (Rich. II)

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'Then you should say what you mean,' the March Hare went on. 'I do,' Alice hastily replied; 'at least - at least I mean what I say - that's the same thing , you know.' 'Not the same thing a bit!' said the Hatter.