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First let me just say how sorry I am that your wife passed. That AND having AS speaks volumes of your strength of character. hugss

If you really want to be on LDN now, you could go about it "backwards" like I did.

1-call local compounding pharmacies to find one that has/is compounding LDN
2-ask them which Doctor(s) are prescribing it
3-get an appt with that Doc and get on LDN

This works best anyway because so many Docs say no to trying LDN. This way you hopefully won't waste $ on an unfruitful office call. Depending on which type of Doc you choose it will probably cost you $85-$200 for the appointment without insurance. A family doc or PA is around $85 here in Idaho. My Rheumy was $200. It's probably different state to state. Then the LDN costs $22-$40 per month without benefits. Maybe you've already thought all this through, I just thought I would share my methods of bucking the system! laugh2

Great suggestion; I'll have to do this when the time comes. I'm really interested in this treatment plan. I'm not keen on the biological approach for a variety of reasons.