Jeffery, the amount you pay will depend on your situation. Obviously if you are below the income level stated in the bill (it's higher - easier to qualify for -- than it had been to receive Medicaid, but I can't remember just what the threshold is), you'll be able to receive subsidies to help pay for it, but I don't believe this part kicks in until 2014; and as of right now I'm not sure how expensive it will be to join the risk pool for those with pre-existing conditions (the plan in place until 2014). And the exchange (the mechanism to lower costs for those who currently are insured) doesn't take effect until 2014 either.

As for the donut hole filler, yes, it's sad that it will be a while before it's filled in totally, but in order to get all these changes without increasing the deficit (and actually reducing the deficit instead), they had to push back the enactment date.

It will definitely take time for all the benefits to begin working, but as I wrote earlier, there are many which do help a whole lot of people within the first 90 days. With any luck, future administrations will add to this great first step, making health care even more affordable for all.