Avonlady, I appreciate your point of view, and it's clear you've been reading Republican talking points. As I mentioned to Jaybird, you are hijacking a thread that has to do with my exictement over finally getting health care coverage.

As for the "loophole" that has been found, it is exactly that, a loophole, and is not an example of politicians lying to anyone. Conspicuously missing from your post is the fact that this situation is in the process of being resolved by the White House. The intent of the bill was to do exactly what has been described, to immediately end the practice of denying coverage to children with pre-existing conditions; that the language in the bill was vague enough for the insurance companies to try and weasel out of the legislation is yet another example of the fat cats trying to stay fat at our expense.

You know, I don't expect Republicans to like the fact that they lost, but I was kind of hoping that they and their followers would be glad for those who are actually helped by this law. So please, if you'd like to whine, please do feel free to start your own thread; otherwise, I'll thank you not to hijack mine.

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