I can't tell you how happy this makes me. In just 180 days I'll be able to see a doctor about my AS and perhaps get LDN to help with the pain or perhaps something stronger!

The question I have is why wait?

Doctor visits cost less than insurance premiums.

And as I understand the way the new system will work is that medications will be partially (50%?) covered in 2011. So, if You waited six months to go to a rheumatologist and (s)he gave You a prescription for, oh let's say they want to prescribe a good drug like Enbrel (which has a great track record over LDN, perhaps), would You take the Enbrel?

For example, Your disease is not treated now, but You will wait until say October 2010 to go to some doctor and then fill the prescription in January 2011?

These are not rhetorical questions, but I really want to know how this thing is going to work, because insurance is still fairly expensive.

If I believed that LDN would help me, I would go out right now and get LDN! Doctor or no doctor. I'm free to make my own drug choices and I do--either via mail or I cross the border into Mexico. I haven't yet checked out the prices in Tijuana on Enbrel, but I'm sure they are reasonable. And You could order naltrexone online even. I just ordered antibiotics from a place in Nicosea, Cypress, since I broke my foot recently and did not want to walk across the border and too cheap to take the park and shuttle bus.

So I don't know how long this "health" (my health only deteriorated after I began seeing doctors...and taking their advice and meds; I hope Your experience is much different) giveaway will last, but usually--by the time every kid gets on the merry-go-round with nobody left pushing--it slows down then stops altogether.