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Of course you realize that your coverage will not be free?
All Americans will be required to BUY into health care and those that do not will be"fined"
But at last Health care will be available to anyone regardless
of a pre-exsisting condition. My daughter tht has no insurance will now be covered on my insurance with an increase in premiums.... Nothing is Free!!!

I have no problem with that; I'm not asking for a free lunch. But you do realize that those unable to pay will get subsidies that will allow them to get the coverage they need, so for some it will be free.

And as for the "fine" for not getting health care coverage, my understanding is that those who do have coverage get a $750 tax credit, while those without health care do not -- it will not be an out of pocket fine.

And as far as premium increases, when 2014 arrives (it may even be earlier) the exchanges put into place by the new law will prevent insurance companies from doing what they have been doing since day one: raising rates 20, 30, 40% each year.

Trust me, I wanted so much more. I would have loved a Canadian style package, or at least a public option, but it just wasn't doable this time around. Who knows what the future holds, but at least it's a tremendous start, a big first step, and so much better than the status quo, and I can't wait to have the right to purchase health care coverage (please, take my money, lol).