Petesimac, while I truly do wish you the best, and hold no animosity towards you, nobody knows what all is going to unroll out of that bill, most of the ones that passed it have admitted they have not even read it themselves. It is just a framework of an extreme power grab, which leaves it open for them to make the rules as they go along.

Sure they have dangled a few carrots out there to start with to try and win some popular opinion, which they are sorely needing. They will have to have some sort of fines to get the revenue they need and even that won't be enough. The only way this plan could have come close to working was on a thriving economy, not a recession that very well could drag on for yrs. Watch and see, within a yr. they will be trying to pass a national sales tax, or vat. to try and fund it. Our health care system is going to suffer badly if this monstrosity stays in place.