Hey Erica!
Wait to see what Sue thinks also, but I think if we keep a running total as we go it might be easier...
Perhaps we could mention what we've done eg swimming 20 lengths / 20 minutes and then add it on to the last relevant activity. Does that make sense?!!
I have been swimming for hours today in my glorified "fish bowl"!!! lol I've literally been swimming round in circles, so have not infact achieved any lengths at all - just lots of rounds laugh2 laugh2 laugh2
Am off to friends pool tomorrow though and will try and get a serious swim in. Usually I have my little one's with me, which makes swimming lengths very tricky for the obvious safety reasons. I generally swim on my back to the deep end, so I am facing the children and then breast stroke on the way back!
Will pop my stats in tomorrow! Byeee for now!

PS I bet Mig will tell you how to change the title of the post... It's a GREAT post by the way, Erica, totally loving it!

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