I got very motivated today and managed 24 lengths (there and back) of 12 metre pool, so did 576 metres and took me 30 minutes.

Ok, here we go... the story so far... math hat firmly in place...

5,480 yards/metres
260 minutes

(Dow did not give time for his 2,000 yards + 1,000 yards - so I put in 40 minutes per 1,000 yards based on Erica's best time! Also, I did not count Friday's swim Dow, because we started on Saturday - so we'll count that as a warm up if that's OK?!!! Goodness I'm strict, arent't I?!!! lol)

8 miles
170 minutes

(Erica did not give distance for walking - so I used Sue's 20 minute mile calculation)

12 miles
60 minutes

60 minutes

5 days

Yes, the colour grey IS significant here!!! as a grey area!!! lol!!!

TOTAL TIME SPENT ON EXERCISE SINCE SATURDAY (not including grey areas!) Drum roll please...
550 minutes this is approximately 9 hours! (sorry maths not THAT great...) Yipee! Good work everyone!

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