Go Erica!

Here's a surprise development:

Last summer, I developed a problem with my left underarm, I think I posted about it, because I went to a dermatologist for it, it was getting all red and was hurting. They did a biopsy on it. Didn't discover anything specific about it, but the doctor gave me a cream treatment to put on it twice a day, said it would take months to go away, which it did, pretty much gone by Christmas, and I thought he must have been clever to have predicted that.

Well yesterday, I noticed that it was coming back..felt it in the same place during swimming. and looked at it in the mirror afterwards, yup starting to get red again!

But guess what I think it is:

Click to reveal..
remember how we have a very small pool, and I spend about half the time turning around? And then I rocket-propel myself from the end of the pool with my feet, that's why I have such fast swimming times?
Well, I always turn in the same direction, to my left, and lead with the left arm..

So I actually think that "rash" under my arm is likely caused by the water rushing against it! blush

And since I only can swim in the summer months, explains why it got better by Christmas! santa :

So no swimming for me today, until I figure out a way around this...

Thursday: 107 laps, 38 minutes
Friday: 110 laps 38 minutes
Saturday: 150 laps 42 minutes (Billy Idol's "White Wedding" came on right as I was ready to stop)