Hello you!
So glad you are climbing aboard the exercise team, hon!

I was thinking get someone to time you swimming / running / walking once round the pool and then keep a rough count of how many laps or "rounds" you do LOL then we can just multiply it up! (I will convert the feet into yards for you). Dow gave me a time for how long it takes him to swim a certain distance and so I divided it down as a time per yard and then when he puts in his yards I figure out the time for him.

I hope that makes sense!!! If this sounds all too complicated - just give me the time and we won't worry about distance. Erica does Thai Chi and that is just a minutes thing as are Ladybuggies gym trips!

You are doing great btw it's fun doing it as a team, it just pushes and motivates you that little bit more!

Tink rainbow

KickAS and help others do the same!