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and an eye thing going on (99% not iritis/uveitis, just something i get now and then, but if it doesn't feel better soon, off to the eye doc)

Sue, I was curious about your "eye thing". When my "flare up" started a couple of weeks ago I noticed a puffiness under my left eye and a slight feeling of pressure. I never had this before and nothing in the left eye (My iritis was always in the right eye). It went away or I just never paid attention to it because a lot of other pains started up. I have had blepharitis but this was different.

plans are to go to the eye doc next week. like most of us, trying to make sense of it. its basically "just pain" and "pressure" and headache inducing. could it be allergies? well, i take zyrtec every day, but allergies can get worse over time, and it is ragweed season. still, when i would get "eye allergies" before starting the zyrtec, my eyes would hurt, but then i could rub them, ball up the mucus that had accumulated in them, and they'd be temporarily relieved. no mucus in them, so thinking not allergies. blepharitis? well, as you said, this feels different than when i was dx'ed with bleph, but i went ahead and washed out my eyes and used the moisturizing drops and maybe it helped? but not like it did when it was definitely bleph, so either its not that, or its just a really bad case of it. so i guess when we can't figure it out ourselves, home remedies don't work, and it's bad enough, that's when we go to a doctor.

actually lots of "flare" symptoms, not sure which is the worst, probably whatever is hollering for the most attention at the time. but if we ran to the doctor every time something felt bad, we'd always be there, so i guess we all try to figure out, when is it important to go, and when is it just something that either we can handle ourselves, or something that nothing can be done about.


Spondyloarthropathy, HLAB27 negative
Humira (still methylprednisone for flares, just not as often. Aleve if needed, rarely.)
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walk, bike
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