Thursday Stats:
KravMaga CB class: 60 minutes.
The fun part u ask? I had a good friend join me for the 2nd free pass she had..and she joined! YAHHOOOO!! cheerleader She's got a vacation in Barbados planned in october so she wants to get back on track exercise wise. She is a sweetheart. i also showed her Pete's all in all out class and she was floored at the class...i passed these last 2 weeks. AS monster was flaring too viciously for me to even think of attempting! sick I told her Yeah!! I have a partner for pete's class!! devil2 oh the fun we will have together..muahahahha!! laugh2 she's big on weight training so i know she has it in her. but she let out a soft *whimper* laugh2
she's content and i'm happy as i am often without a partner and she's focused and ready so onwards we go!!!
Tomorrow is meet and greet with the teachers for 2 of my wee bugs! my other is an 11th grader so i dont foresee that happening! smokin laugh2
The right thumb is .hmmm..about 5% better maybe? Still swollen but not nearly as bad. stiffness still VERY bad but i'm glad swelling is down. no rain..sniff sniff! no

Goooooo fitness team!! yahoooo!! cheerleader