aww shucks...thanks lath. yeah its pretty insane. i dont know why its worked for me but it has. arthur says its b/c there is no direct stress to my back or hips or si joints. they are drill sergeants no doubt, but they ALWAYS ask you if you are new, what your limitations are, any injuries, etc; rainbow

i'm only in km 1 level but hope i can test soon! today is testing but i doubt i'll be ready. right hand is still acting up. it helps release so much stress. you know how the AS monster can test us...some days more than others. my kids were teasing me today..or in least the ringleader was..aka Gianna. She was imitating me how grumpy i get if i dont get that 30 min nap on flare up days. and how she runs fast ! laugh2 she's an athlete and soccer player. and she's afraid of kravmaga. lol laugh2 she said no thanks mommy..i'll just watch from here and cheer you on. laugh2

take care! smile