prayers otw sue!
geez..this summer was supposed to be good for us! winter was nippy for texas this past one..and summer had everyoen excited. and we were grateful for all the rain! helped all my plants...but august came and wham! hit us with a huge slap of mugginess, humidity, and blasts of heat slapping our face if we even crack the front door open! eek2 killer on my joints!

my right thumb is now going on a whole week of super sharp pain. i have been wrapping. biofreeze didnt help. i think b/c of swelling. works great on my tspine. tried voltaren..helping slightly. but not enough. i dont want to go THERE with steroids again. eyes i cant even button my jeans or laundry without wincing. gianna helped me last 2 days. i cant even open my can of soda! thats just all kinds of wrong! eyes

hey, i read your post about the paraffin! my mom gave me one last year! thanks for reminding me sue! cheerleader at the time it was bad then it eased up and never pulled it out. its a nice big one too!! she got it through her insurance when she had carpal surgery done a few years ago. she didnt care for it as she doesnt have joint pain and it was predominently nerve pain for her. so she thought it would be great for me! i have to rummage my closet...i think i know where its at. kids are nuts right now...restless for school monday! so i'll crank that thing up monday if i can find the way or i'll find scented that would be real nice!!

have u every done the hot stone manicures? i got my nails done last week...a VERY rare treat but i had horrible cuticles. anyhow afterwards i saw that and a hot stone pedicure. i was contemplating getting the pedi one since my feet are in pain too lately.

good job anyhow sue!! cheerleader i hate that feeling too of trying to fight off a pain creeping up or the thought of it being like a similar flare up in the past. no i've been doing the last of back to school shopping and had to deal with angry and grumpy shoppers. one man honked madly b/c i got to the disabled parking first. i had my blinker on. i never raced him. i pulled up correctly. thing was i had my kiddos with me. stern uncalled for. he even circled back when we got off and yelled something at gianna. thinking she was older i am assuming!! mad she quickly turned around and told him "i'm sorry, my mom was here and you can find another spot--she has her tag!" she was a little stick of dynamite and i had to calm her down. but it was so ridiculous. we are ALL shopping. academy has about 50 disabled parking spots up front..but it was busy and people were leaving constantly. i was floored at peoples behavior. i guess i needed to roll out my paper saying i have AS, lung disease, etc. geez. eyes

hope u feel better! i'm hoping to catch kravmaga 1 class tomorrow morning before lil ones r up then bag class. thats if i can peel these ol' bones up. not looking that way so far! laugh2