hola sue..heck i dont know how i do it either..its a work in progress. pain is vicious. it made my life miserable for years full blown 10 yrs ago and back for over 21 yrs. i guess b/c for that short time i forget or make myself forget. they tell us to work through the pain. to push through it.. i have made myself to. but come night and mornings i am a mess. laugh2

i've tried so many meds. deathly allergic to a few. so for now my friends are norco and my all time fav soma. i was always a sickly kid in gym as a teen -back pain, couldnt do bleechers up and down. got an F in there and my mom had to raise caine at my school. heart i feel like it's a huge accomplishment. even though it's small in reality. but when u have pain like us AS folks in our face non stop..any accomplishment achieved is a stomp on the AS monsters head and that is all worth it! hugss