Sat stats 9/4/10:
KM CB: 60 min
I was shuffeling about for the 10am slot...UNbelievable! laugh2
It was an absolutely splendid day because we had nonstop rain the night before all the way till about 5-6am! My yellow bells are over 6 ft tall now! There's been a breeze for 2 days and nights...sweet! heart

Must have been the change in temp and rain that eased the joints torture and livened me up a bit. rainbow Small class...guess lots of folks slept in or out and about enjoying the day early....and it went smooth. Only trouble with elbow balancing..planks i think they call it...trying to keep the back straight a few inches off the ground. Me'ol'spinie dont care for it at all!! crazy Other than that I was pleased. Showered and baby buggy had a birthday party to attend at her friends gramma's house in new we enjoyed the small trip and weather along the way. rainbow

Only downside? Couple of muddy patches in yard + one silly boxer boy named Bubba = Muddy tracks! Ack!! eyes But he was laying out in the sun supervising Art saw off the last shrub. clap

Go team! cheerleader