yes, i do have a pedometer, that's how i know how far the parking lots are.

its not the distance that is the problem except when i have a problem where i can't walk, but that is usually the exception these days.

the problem is that the distance is much to far to be carrying my lunch, all the water i need to drink (the water from the water fountains makes me feel kind of ill), my computer (even though its a light mac air), my clay ice packs (right now have to drive with one for my butt (SI/piriformis) and upper back (though both getting better, driving with ice helps not set them back), etc. shouldn't be carrying all of that any distance, think after today, pulling up to the building, putting on the hazards, taking everything in, then parking the car and walking in, and that's from the handicap parking, i will be talking to the ombudsman once again how though the transportation office is nice to me when i tell them the issues with handicapped parking, really its just all lip service. my husband thinks its totally unacceptable. they are in conformance with laws (handicapped parking must be in the parking lot nearest the buildings with clear egress (well, they don't have clear egress in the winters and i will raise this issue as well) but they do have handicap parking in the nearest lot, its just the nearest lot is over a half mile away from our building.

and walking to class isn't such a big deal but again i have to take my own laptop, they don't supply them in the classrooms, even though its an "institute of technology". so by the time i take my laptop, etc, its really too much to be lugging around the way my back is.

truth be told, i never thought of these issues before i had them, but with that said, when i bring them up to the department (chair), no one really cares. i just get put teaching where ever on campus they can find room.

don't worry, i'll adjust, i always do! but...........


Spondyloarthropathy, HLAB27 negative
Humira (still methylprednisone for flares, just not as often. Aleve if needed, rarely.)
LDN/zanaflex/flector patches over SI/ice
vits C, D. probiotics. hyaluronic acid. CoQ, Mg, Ca, K.
walk, bike
no dairy (casein sensitivity), limited eggs, limited yeast (bread)