Thursday stats:
Rocky aka buggy is flat out. eyes
Krav CB: 60min.

New instructor. Think they are usually teaching KM defense classes only if I'm correct. He tortured us in ways that should be banned or considered "illegal". laugh2 We had to partner up for 2 drills. Medicine ball and rolling them up and down our front of calves while doing crunches. Sick instructor..sick I say!! eyes When it was all said and done i was proud...because my partner finished her turn and i did too and the rest stopped altogether. hugss

This weather and all ..the rain was great but my joints just are so sore. I want to snap out of it, but cant seem to. I've been going to bed several hours earlier and am still pooped out. Art comes back from Victoria tomorrow..hallelujiah!!! laugh2

Go team!! erika...we must now find rocky trunks!! cheerleader cheerleader