Hi Team! I wish I could say I was highly productive, but really all I did was get a filling, swim, and nap. I took .5mg clonezepam and 5mg cyclobenzaprine to stay relaxed during the dentist visit, then I swam under the influence ~ no worries, my husband was there ~ and I had to sleep off the meds the entire afternoon. If anyone has any better way to keep the muscles from spasming during procedures I'd sure appreciate the input!


swimming ~ 1,150 yds / 50 minutes

Go TEAM! clap

p.s. Anyone heard from Tinkerbell or Aussiegirl?

ANA+ RF+ Rh- HLAB27+
Dx JRA 1967, GAD 1997, AS 2009, HMs 2010, CPS 2013
pulmonary edema w/ NSAIDS 2009

Movin' it so I don't lose it!