Sundays stats:
Jog/walk: 2 miles 30 min.
My jog is like a shuffle but I had my hands hurting and I refused to waste a beautiful day. Took the wee ones to mass and some tacos, then took my personal bodyguard with me ...aka my boxer mr Bubba. He was pleased as punch! rainbow He was so happy with the cool breeze. This time I had my dog mace spray (b/c of past dog attack) in hand while at the school so I felt a bit more at ease. Still leaves one unsettled after something like that happens no All because of negligent owners. But other than a field full of teenage boy soccer players and a few sassy chihuahuas was quiet and Bubba ignored the wee doggies! lol laugh2 laugh2 He was too happy to lose his "mojo" clap

Showered now and ready to get some good sleep tonight since Arthur is off tomorrow...I can sleep in till 9-10 yahoo! he's taking the kiddos to school. yahoo! cheerleader
GO TEAM!! cheerleader