Hola Sporting friends!
Monday Stats:
Krav CB: 60 minutes.
Arrived just in the nick of time. Art worked late so I barely got there in time! whew! I healed from the cycling trauma from friday...lol laugh2
Our instuctor Art LOVES jumping jacks...i mean REALLY loves them...half jumping jacks, half jacks, hands together in front of chest up and down jacks....constantly in between sets....to get the body pumping. Lucky for buggy...i LOVE jumping jacks! rainbow
We have humid weather again and rain nearby..so achy bones...had such awesome weather the last 2 weeks and now 88 degrees for the rest of the week...bleh! eyes

Another day...and I'm still here kicking the spondy monster...it's all we can do right?
GOOOOOOO team!!!! cheerleader