Wednesday stats:

KravMaga CB: 60 minutes

Defense? defense? what tha' hey?! That's for football players...hmpf! plyometrics in there....I'm just a bug. A bony little ladybug. lol laugh2 But I did it and I finished all of them...back to back. I even stopped when i was done and thought...what? i did it???!! how??? lol.

They had some good Crazy train by Ozzy and some other good ol' rock. So couldnt help but wail the frustrations out!
I am now slathered with super strength Bengay in my thoracic and hands, and had my motrin and hittin the sackaroni my fellow pepperonis! j/k !
Goooooo teammmmmmmM!!! cheerleader clap As our ol' friend Lon would say...Man, I love this place!!