Thursday stats:
KravMaga CB: 60 minutes

Whew..I survived. There's a nice breeze outside. Warm I'm hoping we get that rain tomorrow and cooler nights again! eyes

I've found my latest energy fuel! Fruity pebbles in a cup of milk!!! I dont know why I've suddenly fallen head over heels over fruity pebbles but it's pretty intense! laugh2 If I just get a bit of 2% milk I am able to tolerate it. I havent been able to drink milk since I was a kiddo. So it's a great treat for bug! Sometimes I get one in the evenings. A nice treat after an exhausting day.

Put on my fav perfume mr bengay again and am ready to catch some zzz's Tomorrow is fry-day and much to do! Have to finish getting the last of my wee bug's Monster high Draculaura costume!!
GOOOOOOO teammmmmmm!! cheerleader clap 1cup