Wed stats:
Krav CB: 60 min.
Class went real smooth. Back is on fire. what else is new eh? LOL cool front moving in...finally!! But with that came some rain and aches and pains.
Spoke to the Krav instructors and they are going to speak to the 2 clowns that gave us grief yesterday. they were not pleased and were going to take immediate action. Turns out they are a higher level up...II..but can go down a level if they want..but that kind of force should be only for level III on up. I was a happy camper in class. We partnered up and it was great! cheerleader The guy was much taller than me so other than a slight pop to my upper lip with the medicine ball while playing hot potato...I survived! it was the height difference we had to adjust too! he was in least 6'feet and buggy is only 5'4"! laugh2

may skip class tomorrow...storybook parade for the kids friday so i have to get my kids ready!
boy am i ready for halloween candy!!
gooo team!!!'